Loan Officer Landing Page Tips – Webinar Included

Discover how to create great landing pages as a loan officer, we’ll cover the basics, go through our top tips and walk you through some simple yet effective examples. Along with the article you’ll find a webinar recording included to take you through these steps on demand as well.

If you’re looking to convert more leads from your online marketing we’ve got you covered.

It’s time to start winning with landing pages, let’s dive in.

Webinar: Loan Officer Landing Pages Tips

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page on a website that can only be accessed by clicking a hyperlink on another web page. For example if you’re website sold toys for cats and dogs, your homepage would have information for cat and dog owners. Then you’d create a landing page that just included dog toys, you’d send people to this page that only owned dogs so they could bypass the cat information on your homepage that was irrelevant to them. Or if you were creating an online ad or piece of content that is targeting first time home buyers you would also create a landing page that has information specific to the challenges and problems that first time home buyers face.

Why should you care?

It makes specific audiences more likely to convert on your site; fill out your form, start their 1003 app, call for more info. A landing page will make it easier for a specific audience to navigate your website and complete that action you want them to complete. It will also add credibility to your brand as it will show this audience you understand their unique situation. A first time home buyer will always be more likely to sign up on a page tailored specifically to them than they will on a general mortgage information page.

A landing page is essentially a page you’ve designed to only be relevant with a certain segment of your audience. In order to increase their likely hood of giving you their business.

Landing Page Tips For Loan Officers

There are tons of things you can do to make your landing pages more effective, but the main thing we will always recommend is try out a few different tactics, pages and styles with an audience and just see what works. An audience in your local area may respond to something different than a similar audience in a different area.

  1. Make It About Them

    Nobody wants to hear about why your company is the best, they want to hear what it can do for them. Frame all the copy (writing) on your landing pages as benefits for the reader. Don’t just say “we have the best rates”, say “these rates will keep more cash in your pocket for family vacations”. When you frame the benefit to them it allows them to picture how much better their life will be after working with you. That is a much more powerful image than picturing how much better you are than your competition (while that may be more powerful for you, think like them).

  2. Make Sure Content Is Scannable

    Most are only looking for a specific piece of information on your landing page. They’ll browse or scroll until they find what they want and leave, make this easy for them. Make sure all your sections are broken up into sections with big headers and organized in a way so each piece can be found quickly. If someone can’t find what they’re looking for they’ll leave, and that opens the door for them to find it with your competition.

  3. Use Images & Video

    Many people don’t want to read your information, they may be more auditory or visual learners. Have the information on your landing page be consumable in multiple ways. If you have a landing page with tons of information for first time home buyers, film a quick video where you summarize all that information. Now someone who may choose not to read your content can still get the information and interact with your landing page (and your opt-in).

  4. Address Customer Paint Points

    A first time home buyer may be VERY overwhelmed with the giant wealth of information that is out there on the home buying process. Say that on your landing page, “Overwhelmed with information on the home buying process? We’ve compiled the 10 most important home buying steps below…”. This potential borrower instantly knows you understand their situation and know exactly how to help them. Who do you think they’ll reach out to if they need more information?

  5. Less Is More

    Give them just enough information to sign-up for whatever your opt-in or offer is. No one looking for a loan wants every detail on every possible loan option that is out there. Instead summarize the three most popular loan programs you use and tell them to submit their basic info in a form and you’ll tell them which is right for them. You’ve now made giving you their info a benefit, not a chore.

  6. Create Interesting Calls To Action

    Which button would you click on “Sign Up For More Information” or “Start Your Home Buying Journey” not only should your landing pages and opt-ins be short and sweet but the actual button they click to submit their info should be exciting. The bottom of your form can say “Submit Your Info” or it could say “Let Me Start Working For You!”. You be the judge of which a potential borrower would be more likely to click.

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Mortgage Landing Page Examples

  1. Targeting With A Photo

Targeting a landing page can be as simple as using a picture. This landing page from Great Plains National Bank is pretty generic but who do you think would feel more connected to this page? Families with young children will be a bit more likely to opt in to the free quote offer here than other audiences. Simply by using the right photo on your landing page you can make it a bit more relevant to the audience your trying to reach.

2. A Specific Loan Program

This page is advertising their VA Home Loans specifically to veterans. They’ve created this page with a photo of a veteran returning home and filled it with information and a call to action specifically tailored to their target of veterans and veteran families. A veteran who is looking for a VA loan will be 10x more likely to sign up on this landing page than the Great Plains National Bank landing page with the photo of the family featured above.

3. The Soft Sell

This landing page is created like an article that is full of “Tips for First-Time Home Buyers” but you’ll see they’ve added an opt-in down at the bottom of the page for a “Home Buyers Guide”. This makes it a landing page, it’s a page with info for specific audience with the goal of getting them to take a specific action. Creating an more soft-sell informational page will work better for some audiences like first-time home buyers as they’re likely just looking to take in as much information as they can on the home buying process. You can even see they made their call to action information based. Signing up for a free guide here will work much better for this audience than getting a free quote, or seeing if they pre-qualify as they may not even know what those terms mean yet.

4. Providing Value

This is another great example of a first time home buyer landing page. Here the company has opted to try and provide as much value for their potential lead as possible. They’ve created their landing page with a selection of tools/resources that any first time home buyer would find valuable. Tools to help them crunch numbers, stay organized and educate themselves on the home buying process. They’ve cemented themselves as a trusted source and their call to action “Would you like more information?” is just a friendly option there to help if a potential lead decides.

Landing Page Alternatives

It’s 2019 and digital marketing has evolved far enough that you can now collect lead information without even having a website let alone landing pages. Many advertising and social media platforms that people use to promote their mortgage businesses now have options to create an “in-platform lead form”. For example, you can create an ad on Facebook where you create a form that will appear in the ad. People can submit their information to you without even leaving Facebook.

Many people also just create their landing pages on their clog. Rather than create a landing page targeting first time home buyers they’ll create blog posts that having information that first time home buyers will find valuable. They’ll add an opt-in to the top, bottom or side of the blog post and use that as a landing page. Here is an article on writing blog posts that convert.

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